A reception desk with the name "Christabel's" displayed on the front in a stylish font. Behind the desk is a large sculpture of a muscular figure holding a smaller one, with a neon sign above it reading "Christabel's." The setting features plants, a brick wall, and hints of its pop-up cocktail bar theme.
A brightly lit conservatory with a glass roof and arched windows is illuminated in vivid green, purple, and pink lights against a night sky. Several people, including a couple in wedding attire, are gathered outside enjoying the festive atmosphere of the pop-up cocktail bar.
A close-up of a festive pop-up cocktail bar in London adorned with string lights. On the counter, there's a copper goblet, a silver cocktail shaker, a jar filled with straws, and a plant in the background, creating a colorful and warm ambiance perfect for brand activation events.

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A group of people raises their green summer cocktails in a toast at a wooden table. The table is adorned with colorful coasters, cocktail shakers, and garnishes. The atmosphere appears lively and celebratory.