About Christabel's

I am Christabel and I started Christabel’s as I couldn’t find any fun mobile bars when organising an event. I was looking for a bar that would be a show stopper and transform an ordinary space into something special. As a result I decided to design my own.

I wanted a bar that had inbuilt herb gardens (so that we could grow herbs to use in the cocktails), a mirrored front and for it to be flat packable so that it could pop up in any space. From this, Betty was born - our original party starter - she has been to many events and with the help of our amazing mixologists has sprinkled a lot of magic on them.

We soon discovered that Betty needed a sister and so from this Gloria our disco ball bar was born. Soon after came Shirley our bike bar, Sheila our shell bar and Rex the Rum Shack.  Our bars are a family of memorable movers and shakers.

We make sure that each event or party that we go to is completely unique, styling the bars and designing bespoke cocktail menus so that the brand or personality being celebrated is done so in the most unique and memorable way.

Our mobile bars create a really fun, vibrant, buzzy, unforgettable experience wherever they go and that is what makes us tick. We love a party!

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